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August 26th 2017

IT'S BASS TIME. Check Phill's new Rick!

August 21st 2017

The boys are hard at work today

August 13th 2017

Good news. Today we begin tracking the new full length!

July 10th 2017

Happy late 4th. Hope yalls was filled with skateboard chairs and rockets like ours

May 25th 2017

A scene from last year in Savannah, GA

March 23rd 2017

Some gritty but satisfying footage of us at the Shadow Woods Metal Fest. Check it

March 6th 2017

We have been hard at work behind the scenes and are pleased to announce that we are well into writing some crushing new material for future releases.

We will be using this time to hone our sound and bring our new tunes to life.

Check out the newly updated merch site in the mean time for all your Almighty needs!!

More to come soon!

January 20th 2017

The words from Metal Injection are in!
Album Review: LORD ALMIGHTY Paths - Metal Injection
Lord Almighty are here to black and roll your fears away. Get on it.

December 29th 2016

Come see the our boys drunkenly transform into Turbonegro for Friday the 13th at ONCE Somerville! Joining them will be exquisite acts such as Maiden New England - The Iron Maiden Experience, Bomber - Motorhead Tribute, and Van Railin'.

Tickets can be acquired from the dudes directly. Party on

December 21st 2016

A rare 5 star review from Rock n Reel Reviews! Check it out and stay tuned
Lord Almighty - Paths
Progressive black metal that isn’t afraid to challenge every aspect of black metal you know.

November 17th 2016

Tonight we return to the Northeast to finish the last stretch of tour! Catch us tonight at Dusk in Providence with our friends in Scalpel, UPHEAVAL, and COROT!

Up next is Don Pedro's in Brooklyn, NY with Sire, NY in 64 and Beast Modulus

Finally on Saturday will be at Empire in Portland, ME with FERAL and Sylvia

There's still time to party with us! SEE YOU THERE

November 15th 2016

It was a pleasure playing across the midwest. Chicago with Nequient was a blast as well as our first appearances in Indiannapolis with Choking, Cleveland OH, and in Rochester NY with Order of the Dead and Ancalagon.

Catch us tonight in Philly at Century as we return to the northeast! Tomorrow The Depot in Baltimore!

November 11th 2016

At the graves of New Orleans. It was a pleasure to play with Mehenet and the eclectic Cauche Mar. Had a blast with the hardcore homies of Nashville. Chicago tonight at LiveWire Lounge Chicago!!

November 7th 2016

We've concluded our Florida dates and are en route to New Orleans. Catch us at Siberia tomorrow night with Mehenet and Cauche Mar!

November 3rd 2016

Today we descend upon Florida for our next few dates!

11/3 Shantytown Pub, Jacksonville
11/4 Uncle Lou's, Orlando
11/6 The Brass Mug, Tampa

Come out and party

November 1st 2016

The Halloween party is on. Lord Almighty, Dreaded, Surgeon, Umbra and Mo'ynoc at the Cabin

October 11th 2016

In a few short weeks we hit the road for our Fall tour! See you soon on the east coast!!!

10/27 - Montclair, NJ @ Meatlocker
10/29 - Charlottesville, VA @ The Ante Room
10/30 - Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern*
10/31 - Raleigh, NC @ The Cabin*
11/1 - Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone*
11/2 - Atlanta, GA @ 529*
11/3 - Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown Pub*
11/4 - Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou's*
11/5 - St. Petersburg, FL @ TBA*
11/6 - Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug*
11/8 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
11/9 - Nashville, TN @ Boulevard Record Shop
11/10 - Chicago, IL @ Livewire
11/11 - Indianapolis, IN @ Rabble Coffee
11/12 - Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
11/13 - Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
11/15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Century
11/16 - Baltimore, MD @ The Depot
11/17 - Providence, RI @ Dusk
11/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro's
11/19 - Portland, ME @ Empire
*= w/ Mo'ynoq

September 20th 2016

The Shadow Woods Metal Fest was an insane experience. This marks the end of our run of outdoor festivals. It was a pleasure to play with so many talented bands from all over the country, many of which we have shared the stage with before.

A huge shout to M A Spiro for including us in the festivities, and bringing such an awesome experience into reality.

We've got more in the works. Announcements coming soon!

September 13th 2016

This weekend we roll to Whitehall, MD for the Shadow Woods Metal Fest! We will be playing Saturday night of this three day, 40 band woods ripper. Come get dirty with us

August 30th 2016

We had an amazing time at RPM FEST 2016! The setup and crew far exceeded our expectations and we are truly grateful to have been a part of this killer event. A huge shout to John Gulow of Promotorhead Entertainment for getting us involved, and Brian Westbrook for making the magik happen all weekend long.

This weekend we will be playing the Doom Days of Summer event in Pittsburg, ME. After that it's Shadow Woods Metal Fest 2016 in White Hall, MD

All kinds of fun out in them woods. More exciting stuff coming up soon!

Thanks Alex Smith for the shot!

August 24th 2016

The killer reviews of 'Paths' keep coming in! This time in the tasty words of Tasty Black Metal Abominations from Germany! Check it out and if you're in New England come party with us this weekend at RPM FEST 2016!
Tasty Black Metal Abominations

I'm totally steamrolled. LORD ALMIGHTY's full-length is stunning, I don't know where to begin. Okay, maybe the production topic is a good start. The record has a fantastic sound and is geared to the needs of LORD ALMIGHTY's style, in other words it's very earthy and feels naturally. A big advantage is the organic and forceful drum sound, much better as on the first EP. Apropos, this album has improved every black metal elements, which could already be found on the previous release. Now the balance between progressive influences (southern rock, thrash metal, bluesy scales, etc.) and black metal is as it ought to be.

The album causes an immense inner cinema. In my mind's eye I can see a desolate wanderer while the dusty and barren landscape rolls past. The wanderer beats the fields abounding in stones and ranges the swampy woods of sorrow, while the album plays the background music. When will his arduous journey end? Step by step, paths through sludgy meadows, will he be bogged down?
Just wonderful atmosphere and very visionary.

The group has done a particularly excellent job on "O Wanderer", a perfect track for getting a little taste of what this CD has to offer. The ending part is just insane. Some of the cheerful patterns remind me of THE FALL OF TROY, sounds crazy, huh? Don't get me wrong, in its entirety the album doesn't resemble THE FALL OF TROY, but a number of parts share the same absurdity and make use of similar melodics - and that's wonderful! I was always missing such elements in black metal, thank you! It's addicting.

LORD ALMIGHTY is like a fierce earthquake, devastating and bursting asunder. You CAN'T ignore it, so be on the look-out for this crushing album! The CD comes in a well-designed 4-panel digipak. Highly recommended!

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